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Kita Bauchet

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The result of a collaboration between the Senegalese contemporary dance company Diagn'art and the Belgian and Swiss artists Kita Bauchet and Stéphanie Pfister, "Saint-Louis on the move" presents a subjective sketch of the city and the rythme of its daily life .An exploration of Saint-Louis through several choreographies performed by 2 dancers and 2 cameras on Siegfried Canto’s music that highlight the cities energy and the fierce creativity of its youth.


Director Kita Bauchet  in collaboration with Cie Diagn'art & Stéphanie Pfister

Writer Kita Bauchet / Compagnie Diagn'art

Producer Victor Claude / Alioune Diagne

Key Cast Jules Romain /  Roger Sarr

Edit  Lucrezia Lippi / Lancelot Hervé-Mignucci

Composer Siegfried Canto

Choreographies Alioune Diagne / Jules Romain / Roger Sarr /  Cie Diagn'art

Year of production 2022

Runtime 30 minutes  

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