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Immersed in the exercise of instituting a new order, susceptible to memories assaults, customs and deeper impulses, the members of this neo-tribe face a question that will determine the continuity of their revolution. Where are the barbarians? Down or up?


Their bodies surrounded by darkness rush to pass over each other. The speed of the traffic is changing, there are moments in which violence is perceived and others that reflect calm, but it does not stop. It seems that they are immersed in an inexhaustible cycle, condemned to collide indefinitely forming a human mass.



Carlos Vázquez 

Writer Eliana Jiménez / Mateo MejíaWriter/ Luis RubioWriter

Producer Enningunlugar / Dirê NikkhöProducer

Key Cast"Yamilé" Eliana Jiménez / Humberto VegaKey Gabino" / Sofía Quiroz "Gina" / Anna K. Huesca "Lorela" / Catalina Rojo "Chuyma" / María Paula Pérez "Emma" / Luis Rubio "Boris"

Year of production 2022

Runtime 2 minutes 25 seconds

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