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Daniel Matos

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You breathe out, I breathe in. Now forever.

Breathing has been difficult lately, almost as difficult as breathing. Breathing has proved to be an act of courage for which we are not prepared to take responsibility, almost as difficult as deciding to breathe, as breathing so far that it is difficult for you to hear yourself breathing, to listen to the breath of the other while you breathe and while you run, like a gazelle. 
I feel a current of air that enters, that passes, that burns with cold and that pulls me from behind: that pulls me away from me.

ALMOST UNINHABITED it’s a video-performance based on the global dehydration that we witness daily, a desertification of the map that spreads almost like an irreversible and invisible plague at the moment. At the same time, how the landscape becomes parallel to the place of the body, how the body is also an arid place devoid of stability due to the loss of tone and the basic functionality that keeps us alive: breathing. 
It is the proposal for the encounter of a desert between these two bodies that are inhaled and exhaled consecutively, in the urgency of taking the last breath of the other for the survival of the sight, to continue with the permanence of the observation in what disappears and does not return. 
A duet for two humans is conceived in a fluid relationship between body, gender and desire, privileging action and how one loses one's body as one loses the world. 
An analysis of the current desertification process that we are experiencing, focusing in the south of Portugal.


Director Daniel Matos

Writer Kita Bauchet / Compagnie Diagn'art

Key Cast Hugo Cabral Mendes /  Rafael Pinto

Choreography Daniel Matos

Image Vico Ughetto / Filipe Correia

Original Music Sara Pissarro

Direct by Vico Ughetto / Filipe Correia

Script and Concept Daniel Matos / Filipe Correia

Sound Design and Mastering Pedro "Pierre" Mendes

Photography Eduardo Pinto

Production SWITCH

Editing and Pos-Production  SWITCH

Residency Support  Alkantara / Pro.Dança / Moagem - Estufa Plataforma Cultural

Special Thanks Salinas do Grelha

Funding Compete 2020 / Portugal 2020 / European Union European funds for the regional development / Garantir Cultura

Year of production 2022

Runtime 10 minutes 50 seconds

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