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Per l'edizione 2021 i video selezionati saranno proiettati durante i 3 giorni di festival 


Untold stories is a series that documents the lifestyle of a people in a community due to moments of movement.This edition focuses on Lagos mainland and the happenings around there during the lockdown initiated to prevent the spread of covid-19.

A tribute to a queen who fully embodied her feminity and in doing so, inspired a multitude.


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A continuum, something that keeps on going, changing gradually over time, and that is what life, humanity and society is, it never stops. It always finds away to be born again. The search and conquest for paradise is never ending but trending.



No one needs to live according social rules any longer and to think about what people will say either. The feeling of freedom, inner voice and of course the dance; that’s all what matters. 
Once Bogdan has decided to do something, that would distinguish him from the crowd; he took a route to break free and started doing his dance routine in public places

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ROOTS AND WINGS  (Switzerland)

Six dancers talk about what they feel or see when they dance flamenco, an art made of energy and elegance, lightness and strength.


OLMÉ (Italy)

The Olmè wood, in Cessalto, Italy, on the border between the provinces of Treviso and Venice, is a residual plain, preserving one of the rare wooded areas that survived deforestation within the Po-Veneto plain.

An exceptional resource for what it still preserves, an ecosystem linked to a phase preceding modernity and industrialization. Crossing it you enter a mystical, sacred dimension, you are immersed in a multiform and mysterious habitat marked by lights and sounds with a fairy and timeless character.

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AFTER (France)

Après’ is a dance film. It came from the desire Juliette Hilaire and I had to speak about the emotions we’ve been experiencing since the beginning of the pandemic. We started thinking about the idea of resilience. Throughout the film, the two women played by Juliette and Ida Viikinkoski (both dancers in the Paris Opera Ballet), try to recover from and overcome a shock. Through their combat, we want to tell a timeless and universal story. No matter what the traumatic event, the amount of energy required is immense and the guarantee of coming out unscathed uncertain. 
Baptiste Debraux 

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WUUAC (Mexico)

In ancient Baja California Sur, Pericues believed that in heaven lives Niparaya, creator of heaven and earth, who in a great battle expelled Wuuac, took all his pitayas from him and locked him in a cave guarded by whales. Only the Guamas (sorcerers) know how to summon him to the surface and win his favor.

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Making a reference to the psalm "versa est in luctum", the title could be translated as "turned into the light" or "turned towards the light". This short piece filmed in a single continuous vertical shot, explores the presence in the light of a body standing in crucifixion.

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ETHAN ON STAGE (Australia)

A short video portrait of dancer Ethan Green by Lisa Maris McDonell. This is part of a series of short videos featuring people for whom dance is a central part of life, and the places they inhabit.

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ISLEE (Italy)

Islee reflects the borders we made, the eternal aisle of the unknown, the stereotypes without souls, the insane sense of isolation. Plastic is twisted on the body plugging the tissues and killing the breath. The reality is based on something far away from the truth of human beings. Tied hands, covered mouths, broken hearts. But in an isolated system the entropy can only increase.

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FLIGHTS (Poland)

inspired by Flights by Olga Tokarczuk